Exhibition: It’s Not a Library

It’s Not a Library – Exhibition Opens Tuesday November 28th, 5pm – 7pm.

Why “It’s Not a Library”

When I was young, my friends and I would walk around the city to pass the time. Sometimes we would wander into one of those crummy bookshops that were common then. With empty wallets, and full of curiosity, we would saunter in and proceed to casually flip through some of the merchandise. Usually these bookshops were run by some smug-looking individual who would spend all day standing behind the counter. They would keep one eye on the till and the other on the lookout for shop lifters who were planning their next easy, five-fingered discount.

So, of course, when we walked in, all attention would be diverted to us.

A cold silence would engulf the store, then a certain tension, followed by the suspicious eyeballing and shuffling behind the counter.

Eventually, almost exploding with anxiety, we would hear a voice resounding across the trembling book displays;

Are you fellas thinking of buying any of that stuff?

No, we’re just looking we would reply as we flipped over to another page. To which he would retort: Well, it’s not a library, so get out.

If, in some cases, he was feeling particularly good-humoured, he would respond with:

Well, it’s not a library so stop wasting my time and go outside and play.

William White brings us an exhibition of mixed media artworks and prints inspired by these childhood memories.